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No, we offer almost exclusively beginner courses.

They take place at Tremblant resort, just a short walk from The Tremblant Activity Centre on a natural cliff face or a frozen waterfall in winter.

As soon as you decide you want to come, the earlier the better. A day or 2 in advance is usually sufficient.

For rock climbing, dress according to the weather and wear good running/hiking shoes with a good grip. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Pants will protect the knees from scrapes. You will need to wear a climbing harness, so no dresses, please.

For ice climbing, which is a mix of low and high intensity, you need to consider the following and dress in layers.

Wear snow pants because you will be in contact with the ice face. Occasionally there is water on the ice. The use of gaiters or old snow pants is recommended since you wear crampons for ice climbing which can tear pant ankles if you are not careful. You need to bring alpine ski boots if you don’t have any you will need to arrange rentals in advance. These can be rented at boutiques here in Tremblant but keep in mind that line-ups can be long, so plan accordingly. We provide un-insulated helmets. Tuques should be worn underneath. Please don’t wear a tuque with a huge pom-pom. It is recommended to bring sunglasses or goggles. Did we mention that YOU NEED TO BRING ALPINE SKI BOOTS?

No, the climbing site is on private property, and for insurance reasons you must climb with a guide.

Yes, you can easily access the site to watch and photograph.

Check the trip details of the tour page for our suggestions of what to bring with you.

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